Honeybees are fascinating creatures with a complex structure and life style however they are under threat from mankind’s activities. Even with all the information in the media the honeybee still has her mysteries. I am interested in giving young people the opportunity to experience honeybees for themselves. Opening a honeybee hive and investigating the inner working never fails to leave a bookmark in a students memory. Interacting with honeybees can be used to reward behaviours, increase confidence, engender co-operation within the student body and instill respect for other creatures.  
Honeybees can form the foundation to link multiple disciplines within a school year, across curriculum subjects and years. The talk on the honeybees life cycle forms the starting point with its basis in biology and ecology (sciences) The hexagonal honeycomb, numbers of bees required to collect honey, flight journeys provide a basis activities around numeracy. Much has been written about honeybees (historical stories, folk lore, poems) providing an option to encompass literacy and art. Should the school take on or visit a bee hive there is scope for recording the event and presenting the story of the visit in an assembly. Should the school take on a bee hive and produce a harvest of honey there are additional activities to do with extraction of the honey, putting the harvest in jars, creating labels and selling, raffling or giving away the school's honey at the harvest festival or Christmas fair.  
I offer a number of activities tailored to budgets or timetable. If you click on each option below the scheme is explained. My services are not limited to the topics above. If you wish to tailor a package that dovetails into your curriculum then contact me to discuss your ideas at 
To see what Sir John Moore School think about bees at school, click HERE for their bee page  
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