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David the Bee Farmer is available for comment and articles on honey bee related topics. If you would like further information on David’s availability, then get in touch here 
Featured in the Great Food Club newsletter of December 19th.  
Well done to David McDowell, aka The Bee Farmer. His honey has been named Champion Product in the recent Slow Food England Awards. Borough Market in London was named Best Slow Food Market in the same awards, which shows the quality of the winners.' 
Youth art collective teams up with Ashby 
bee keeper to create five track album 
On April 1 they released 
The Telling of the Bees which 
was made by Youth Landscapers Collective (YLC) and David the Bee Farmer who is 
a beekeeper and an educator based in the National Forest. Together the two created 
some music with real life bees from the Boothorpe Bee colony, located just half a 
mile from the site of the Timber festival. 
Click on the picture for a larger version 
Welcome to Soil Association's Food for Life. 
Our programme is all about transforming food culture – making healthy, tasty and nutritious meals the norm for all to enjoy, reconnecting people with where food comes from, how it’s grown and cooked, and understanding the importance of well-sourced ingredients. 
Watch our films to see how our programmes across the country are making big changes. 
Ashby's Bee Farmer collects national food award as 'Best UK Product' 
A story about honeybee hive being stolen 
A chat with Sunday morning presenter Jo Bostock on the increase in beekeeping as a hobby during lockdown following celebrities such as David Beckham posting on instrgram about his new hobby......beekeeping Available on iplayer, search Jo Bostock Sunday morning show 22nd November 2020  
Slow as an Artisan: Why Slow Food Matters  
We can produce food in harmony with our environment or we can harm it, sustain communities and jobs or off-shore them. We bring together a leading panel of artisans, each explaining how they produce some of the finest products available, and why Slow Food values are critical to the quality of what they produce, but also to the communities in which they are based. 
David McDowell, The Bee Farmer 
Lisa Osman, All Hallows 
Lizzie Dyer, Just Kidding 
Jonathon Jones, Tregothnan Tea 
Peter Cook, Peter Cook's Bread 
Tom Oliver, Oliver's Cider 
The panel discussion will be moderated by Shane Holland, Executive Chairman Slow Food in the UK 
Three people who are passionate and proud of what they do for a living compete to see whose job is the hardest. For three days they immerse themselves in one another’s jobs, scoring them on three criteria: working conditions, mental demands and physical demands. The person with the highest score and therefore the toughest job walks away with a prize of £1,000. 
Today, estate agent Jade, street food vendor Sarah and bee farmer David go head to head in a bid to prove their job is the hardest. Click HERE to view on Iplayer 
A chat with morning presenter Ady Dayman on the upcoming episode of "Call that hard work" in which I swap jobs with two other business people. Available on iplayer, search Ady Dayman morning show for 18th August 2020.  
I provided my opinion on the reduction of OSR (Oil Seed Rape) grown in the UK and its affect on honeybees and other pollinators. The article was front page news.  
Published in Friday 14th 2020 edition of the Farmers Guardian. Click HERE for website 
A four page case study on The Bee Farmer. interviewed by Alex Ellis from The Bee Farmers Association (BFA)  
Click HERE to check out their website.  
Click HERE for a blog transcribing the article  
Inclusion in Wilson Vale's Corporate & Social Responsability [CSR] document. This year is Wilson Vale celebrates its 10th anniversary opperating their CSR policy.  
A companion piece for BBC Easy Midlands Sunday Politics Show in support of wilding of roadside verges.  
This is a short piece as "expert" on bee swarm around a residential chimney for the at Leicester Mercury 
Read the article HERE at 
A piece with morning presenter Ady Dayman on bumblebees at the bottom of his garden.  
An interview with Ashby Life about becoming the first brand ambassador for Ashby Town Council and what this means.... 
See the article HERE 
Providing the annual roundup of the 2017 season for the north and midlands region for the Bee Farmers Association. 
Date 31/03/17  
Featured on BBC Radio 4 Farming Today. Talking with Ben about the Bee Garden and pollination.  
Click HERE to download the podcast 
Date: 13/03/17  
Featured on Ben Jackson's show on BBC Radio Leicester. Ben visits the Bee Farmer's to talk about the Bee Garden in the spring. Click HERE for the show. Interview between 1:12 and 1:20 
Date: 11/08/16  
Featured on Ben Jackson's show on BBC Radio Leicester. Ben visits the Bee Farmer's to talk about the Bee Garden.  
Click HERE for Ben's clips 
Date: 10/08/16  
Featured on Ben Jackson's show on BBC Radio Leicester. Ben visits the Bee Farmer's apiaries in North West Leicestershire. Click HERE for Ben's clips 
Date: 26/06/2015 
Featured on Jonathan Lampon’s show on Leicestershire BBC Radio from 10am until 1pm. Part of panel on difficulties facing Bees in the environment. 
Date 28/06/15 
Click Here for a link to the article about on-line appeal concerning the re-population of Honey Bee stocks 
Date 02/02/14 
The bees only have what honey they laid away in the autumn to see them through to the first of the nectar bearing spring flowers. 
Date: 11/07/2014 
Featured on Ben Jackson’s afternoon show on Leicestershire BBC Radio from 3pm until 4pm. 


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