What uses can pure beeswax be put too? 

I meet quite a lot people at country shows. I am continually surprised by the uses folk have for pure beeswax. I will extend the list as I find out new applications for beeswax. The items in bold are the things for which I use beeswax. 
Diver - lubrication for wet suit zips 
Jeweller - for holding gems when working on them 
Wood turners - finishing polish 
Archers - lubrication and waterproofing of bow strings 
Saddlers & leather workers - lubrication and waterproofing of linen sewing thread 
Air riflers - waterproofing the mechanism 
Jewellers - for casting pieces using the lost wax method 
Carpenters - to lubricate saw teeth and big screws into certain timbers  
Cabinate maker - lubricate drawer runners 
Drummer - to make drum sticks non slip  
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