What is Corporate Social Responsibility? 
The purpose of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to give back to the community through philanthropic causes. CSR provides positive social and/or environmental value.  
UNIDO (the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) defines CSR as: "a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders" 
Many businesses both large and small subscribe to Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) program. A small business might sponsor the team shirts for a local junior football club.  
In my case CSR partners sponsor or adopt one or more colonies of honeybees through my Honeybee Support Programme. I have a number of engagement options from which a partner may choose. The options or models have differing levels of engagement. I often devise a CSR scheme to suit a partner's objectives or budget. 
One option is to fix a bespoke plaque in your company or family name to a hive. One or two people can come for a single visit during the summer. I provide quarterly updates on the colony's progress and couple of jars of honey. Pete & Ella are long term supporters through this option.  
The more popular model includes all the above but also building the hive the bees are to live in. The hive comes flat packed and over an afternoon we use simple tools to assemble the boxes that make up the different parts of the hive, i.e. brood box, supers and the floor. I usually build the roof as there has been many a bruised thumb trying to nail through the metal of the roof.  
In the spring of 2019 the Blackfordby scout group were co-opted to build the hives for the Boothorpe Orchard and Pollinator Project. (BOPP) Serious work as you can see in picture [right]  
Then we move on to the assembling of the frames on which the bees will make their home. 
Luke's 40th birthday present was a sponsored hive from Cassie. Luke and Cassie get busy making frames, fitting the wax and nailing it together. Still smiling and with lots still to do. 
A couple of hours later the hive is complete. A "Des Res" ready to house a colony of bees. Luke went on to paint the hive which is not wholly necessary but it provides an additional level of weather protection. 
Luke had his visit to inspect the bees he is kindly sponsoring and to fix his plaque to the hive. Subscribing to the Honeybee Support Programme supports The Bee Farmer in looking after a honeybee colony on your behalf. The subscription helps The Bee Farmer with: 
• Feeding the bees syrup in the autumn, fondant in the winter & syrup in the spring 
• Integrated pest management programme 
• Hive maintenance 
• Transportation 
• Regulation 
• Training & Education 
The sponsored hives live at Cattows farm in Leicestershire just a short drive from M42 junction 11. So you can view your honeybees (from a safe distance) going about their business. Here is a link to Cattows farm for directions and their attractions. 
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