Ten ways you can support the Bee Farmer and his honeybees? 

Supporting the Bee Farmer is a form of direct action where the support you provide goes directly into efforts on the behalf of honeybees and the wider pollinator population. There are reasons why I am not a charity or CIC (Community Interest Company), there are too many charities with board of directors recieving handsome renumeration. It is expensive in time and cost. As an micro company I can be quick to respond to oppertunities and with low overhead more of you support goes in direct action for the bees. 
There are number of avenues to support the Bee Farmer. Not all avenues require a financial donation although they are very welcome. Below I have listed the ways in which you might support the Bee Farmer. See which options you feel you may be able to help with. 
Patreon is a platform that facilitates folks like you to support people like me. As a patron of the Bee Farmer you will find you have access to information and mechandise before general release, There will be content and events that are exclusive to patrons. That is our contract for your support. 
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Colony Visits 
These are very popular way for people to collect memories. Most of the colony visits are bought by people as a gift for a loved ones. People visit for different reasons: As a challenge, to see if they want to keep bees and as a bucket list item. We have gift certificates as well. 
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All the items in the shop are either made by the Bee Farmer or by selected craft folk. Every thing you purchase will help the Bee Farmer and his partners.  
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Mmmmm Bee Farmer honey
Adopt a Colony 
This is a popular option, especailly where folk are not in a position to keep bees due to location or busy worklife style or other reasons. The package is flexible and has a number of benefits outside the supporting of bee hive dedicated to you.  
There is a Patreon version to spread the payments. 
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Adopt of Honeybee colony or bee hive
The Foundation course is a 16 hour intensive course that will get the novice off to a flying start. Most folk that attend the course go on to set up their own colonies as soon as the season allows. There are other support and mentoring benefits on completing the course. 
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Learn how to keep honeybees
School for Bees 
As the name suggests we have a scheme to teach beekeeping to children. There is an option to have the honeybee colony onthe school premises. It has huge benefits throughout the school and beyond. 
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Children learning about honeybees
Corporate Responsibility (CR) 
In serving CR schemes we have a very flexible approach. The scheme could be a consulation, such as where we mentor Aldi's beekeepers. We might use the foundation course to train beekeepers as for Aggregate Industries. It might be a visit to the apiary to check out the bees and talk about field to fork as we did for Opus Resturant in Birmingham. 
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I give talks on bee related topics. I have several talks such as; Trees for Bees, The Life of Bees, Honey-what is it, to mention a few. If you want to know more about a certain subject I will create talks for your audience.  
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Social Media 
Retweet, like, share, tag me. Its all free to you and makes a big difference to the Bee Farmer's reach. It costs seconds of your time and has no financial cost to you, so just keep sharing. There are links on my website to your social media platform of choice. Follow me and share. 
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Events & Workshops 
Throughout the year we attend country shows, festivals & foody events. We support our wholesale customers by doing pop up event to show our support for them and them for us.  
We run workshops mainly to help beekeepers prepare for the next portion of the season. We are often supported by selected suppliers. 
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The hidden work we do 
The Bee Farmer receives regular calls throughout the year from people looking for advice. The top five questions, in no particular order are: 
What are these bees I have in the <explain part of the building where they are found> 
What do I do about the bees in my <explain part of the building where they are found> 
What do I do about the bee I have found on the floor 
What do I do about this swarm of bees. (Often the insects are not bees) 
Can you give me some advice on how to keep bees. I want to start.  
Your support, however great or small, fuels the Bee Farmer to continue working for the good of pollinators providing information and eduction to the public on demand. I sincerely hope you find one of the many options available will allow you to support the Bee Farmer in his work and ambitions.  
If you think there is a way you can support the Bee Farmer that is not listed above, please feel free to get in touch at and share your idea.  
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Best wishes, 
David, The Bee Farmer. 
Its all about the bees  
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