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Butcher's Block Polish


Butcher's Block polish is so called because of the mineral oil in the polish. Butcher's have traditionally protected their cutting blocks with mineral oil after scrubbed them clean.
Butcher' Block polish is a food safe polish. It has no odour or taste. It is a blend of beeswax from my hives and Mineral Oil. Butcher's Block is for use on wood surfaces and is particularity protective in areas that get we. The surfaces have to be cleaned. Cleaning products remove the grime but also the natural oil and moisture from the timber. The Mineral Oil replaces the lost elements penetrating into the timber providing protection from drying. The beeswax embeds into the surface grain providing a moisture barrier but also buffs up the lustrous sheen.

Butcher's Block is for use on kitchenware such as wooden spoons, chopping blocks, bowls, pan handles and worktops. It works just as well on dining tables and outdoor timber furniture. Wipe on with a soft cloth, working in broad sweeps across the grain. Leave until the surface until it takes on a misty look then buff the surface with a clean soft cloth. A patina will develop over time.


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