Objectives, Terms & Conditions for the  Honeybee Support Program (HSP)  

Honeybees, as well as other pollinatators are in decline in Great Britain. They face threats on several fronts; loss of habitat, poor nutrition, modern farming practises, climate change and agro-chemicals. The Bee Farmer wishes to arrest this decline by actively managing many Honeybee colonies and spreading the word on how we can contribute to make the world a better place for bees and their pollinator cousins.  
Funding of The Honeybee Support Program 
The Bee Farmers work is funded by sales of honey and wax products together other services such as; hosting colonies, tailored training, experience days with the bees, talks, advice, purchase of hives and bees. The Honeybee Support Program is a vehicle to facilitate people to engage and contribute to honeybees welfare on their terms. 
The Bee Farmer knows folks have different responses to Honeybees; curious, fascinated and fearful. Some folks would like to keep bees but do not have the time. Some have taken up beekeeping but modern life is not alway condusive to the bees needs and some folks would just like to have the experience of dealing with a colony of bees. The Honeybee Support Program is designed to facilitate the needs of the supporte. A HSP plan can be designed for any budget from individuals to commercial enterprises. The finalised HSP plan forms the basis of the HSP agreement which lists the obligatations of each party. A basic 12 month HSP agreement is outlined below. 
HoneyBee Support Program 1. Colony adoption 
Your subscription supports The Bee Farmer in looking after a honeybee colony on your behalf. Your subscription helps The Bee Farmer with: 
Feeding the bees syrup in the autumn, fondant in the winter & syrup in the spring 
Integrated pest management program 
Hive maintenance 
Training & Education 
For your subscriptions you receive: 
A gift certificate and a letter detailing the HSP agreement 
A plaque on the hive(s) 
A colony visits (or as many many HSP agreement designates) 
A frame of honey or three pounds of honey in jars (or as many many HSP agreement designates) 
Terms & Conditions 
The Honeybee Support Program does not confer any right of ownership to the colony adopter. 
The Honeybees and all the equipment remains the property of the Bee Farmer 
The Honeybee Support Program does not confer any right to access the land the upon which the adopted colony is located 
Adopters of a HSP colony may not access the land or the colony without the consent and presence of the Bee Farmer 
Monies given to the Bee Farmer are donations to help the bees via The Honeybee Support Program 
The Bee Farmer will endevour to fulfil the colony visit however the weather is a major factor for an enjoyable visit. The Bee Farmer cannot be held responsable for the weather preventing the colony visit to take place. 
The colony visit must take place before the HSP period expires. 
Monies are not refundable as they will have been spent on the upkeep of the bees. 
The donation is required in advance of the period it is designed to cover.  
Failure to make a scheduled donation will render the HSP agreement invalid and void immediately. 
Visitors to the colonies must comply with the Bee Farmers instructions at all times. Your safety and that of the bees is paramount.  
Jurisdiction of law 
The business of The Bee Farmer is carried out under the jurisdiction of UK law. The Bee Farmer complies with the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (DSRs) and Electronic Commerce Regulations (ECRs). 
November 2015 
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