Visit a Bee hive Delve into the secret world of honeybees and make memories You can make a present of the visit by ordering a gift certificate at check out. To reserve a place for 2024 please choose E-voucher or Gift certificate.  

Use the map for directions to Cattows Farm, Swepstone  
road, LE67 2RF 
This visit to a live Honeybee colony is a chance to delve into their secret world. The Bee Farmer points out the stages of the bee's life cycle as we examine the hive. We will see the different castes of bees. We may even see the Queen...she is in there somewhere! We will see just how the bees arrange their world.  
You will handle the bees if you wish. We go at your pace. A hive full of bees can be intimidating. The visit lasts about two hours. There are two session a day. The morning session starts at 10.30am, the afternoon session starts at 1.30pm.  
The hive visit is a time to make memories. Dad's and daughter, Mums and Sons, Birthdays, Mothers day, Fathers days or the better half. Take lots of photos, ask lots of questions. 
To browse available dates and sessions select the "Book Now" button above, select the number of tickets you would like first, then hit the "Next" button. The calendar pops up with the available sessions for your group. Hit the "X" in the top right on the screen to exit at anytime. 
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Make a present of a hive visit with a gift certificate. select the "Book Now" button above and select the "Buy a voucher" option 
If you book your visit at Heather at Cattows Farm you can also book vouchers for Afternoon Tea. Click HERE 
Don't forget you can make a present of a hive visit with a gift certificate during the booking process.  
Any questions email 
See what visitors have said about experiences with the Bee Farmer. Click HERE for my Testimonial page 
Beesuits are provided. Bring footwear that covers the ankles, wellies or hiking boots and pair of marigold type gloves, not gardening gloves. If you have long hair bring something to keep your hair out of your eyes. If you need glasses for reading bring them too. If the weather is hot consider bring something to drink. It can be hot in the beesuits. 
Q. Is there a lower age limit A. Yes. Seven years old. Equivalent to school year 4 
Q Do I get to handle bees A Yes - at your own speed. 
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