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Ethical Policy 
Honey, Pollen and Wax are a natural by-products of keeping bees. The Bee Farmer limited husbands his bee colonies in a low impact manner. The Bee Farmer limited does not use chemical or antibiotic products unless absolutely necessary to save a colony from death or directed so to do by the Bee Inspectorate. The Bee Farmer limited honeybees are inspected on a regular basis by the FERA appointed Bee Inspector. The Bee Farmers limited hives are registered on DEFRA sponsored BeeBase system. In processing of the honey The Bee Farmer limited does not pasteurise the honey i.e. heat it and hold it above 50° Centigrade of a period of time. The minimum of heat is used to make the honey sufficiently liquid to transit the extraction, filtering, and bottling processes. Nothing is added. 
Cancellation Policy  
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) is a regulation (2016/679 ) in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It comes into effect on 25.05.18. It is about being transparent with the contact data The Bee Farmer ltd holds on an individual or a business. 
Where does The Bee Farmer ltd collect your information? 
From personal contacts. 
The Bee Farmer ltd may have exchanged business cards or an individual may have given The Bee Farmer ltd their information in order to enter into a line of communication or for the Bee Farmer to provide information. 
Through email exchanges 
An individual or business may have emailed The Bee Farmer ltd through the website in order to ask a question or establish a line of communication. 
An individual or business may have emailed The Bee Farmer ltd from a referral from a third party or by discovering The Bee Farmer email account through social media or other form marketing material in order to ask a question or establish a line of communication. 
Through the online sales activity 
What data does The Bee Farmer ltd hold on you? 
The Bee Farmer ltd may hold one or more of the following elements: 
Home address 
Delivery address 
Email address 
Mobile phone number 
Business phone number 
What does The Bee Farmer ltd use the data for? 
The contact information is used to: 
To facilitate, manage and fulfill direct sales transactions. 
• Direct sales are when a customer enters into an arrangement with the Bee Farmer to deliver a service or product. 
• To manage or respond to queries arising from a sale, product or delivery. 
To facilitate, manage and fulfill on-line sales transactions. 
• The on-line shop and event booking system is passive. 
• Customers elects to purchase products via the on-line store or event booking system attached to the Bee Farmer website. 
• To facilitate delivery of the service or goods and to manage any queries arising from a sale, product or delivery. 
• The Bee Farmer limited complies with both The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 [DRS] and The E-Commerce Regulations (ECRs).EU Online Dispute Resolution service can be found at 
To conduct business communication. 
• Much of The Bee Farmer’s communication with customers, potential customers and suppliers is facilitated by email or by telephone. Also increasingly by Whatsapp and Messenger. 
• In order to communicate it is necessary to hold sufficient data to identify the contact and data connected with the communication. The Bee Farmer ltd does not have control over social media channels of communication and is unable to provide audits of communications on those platforms.  
For marketing purposes 
• Customer data is held in order to tell existing customers about up-coming events or notification to changes in arrangements for events. 
Information retention 
In the case of both direct and on-line sales, customer information is required to be kept for six years, under the rules of HMR&C, for reporting of financial activity and accounting of VAT and tax calculations. 
In case of data held for marketing purposes; this data is reviewed annually and where it is decided that the contact is no longer active the data is deleted. 
Access to your stored information 
An individual or business may ask, at any time, for sight of the information which The Bee Farmer may hold on that individual or business. The Bee Farmer ltd will endeavour to provide the stored information within 7 days of the request. 
Request for data deletion 
Given that the GDPR regulations require that a record to be kept of deletions The Bee Farmer will delete customer data upon receiving a written request either in paper or electronic form. The deletion request will be stored as paper for audit purposes. The Bee Farmer will endeavour to delete the information within seven days of the request. Please refer to the section on Information Retention for limitations on data deletion. 
Third Party partners 
The Bee Farmer ltd uses the following service: 
Paypal, Stripe and Sumup to facilitate on-line and card paymentspayments. The Bee Farmer ltd does not have access to financial information Paypal, Stripe and Sumup use to transact payment on the customer’s behalf. The transactional relationship is between Paypal, Stripe, or Sumup and the customer. The Bee Farmer is advised by Paypal, Stripe or Sumup only of the customer's name, transaction value, transaction currency, transaction date and a transaction reference. 
SET for Business as a Customer Relationship System. 
BookingHound as a booking system for events. and courses.  
Social Media 
The Bee Farmer has accounts on the following social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Individuals or business voluntarily 
elect to follow The Bee Farmer on these social media platforms. The platforms give their users the functionality to unfollow The Bee Farmer. The Bee Farmer only has a view of the information the on the social media account that the Individual or business elects to publish. 
The Bee Farmer limited promises: 
Not to share customer information with any other commercial enterprise for any reason. 
That we will only yield the information if required to do so under a properly exercised legal warrant. 
All materials on this website and the pieces purchased from The Bee Farmer limited are the intellectual property of Mr DF McDowell of The Bee Farmer limited. Any web content derived from the, or domain and items purchased from The Bee Farmer limited may not be copied or reproduced without the express permission of Mr DF McDowell. In the first instance write or email Mr DF McDowell for permission. The Bee Farmer limited acknowledges the copyright of work from other entities and will endeavour to obtain permission for any data, picture or article that The Bee Farmer limited may wish to publish where the right to publish has not already been given or implied. 
Jurisdiction of law 
The business of The Bee Farmer limited is carried out under the jurisdiction of UK law.  
The Bee Farmer limited is registered as a private limited company under the Companies Act 2006 England and Wales. Company number 10704185 
The Bee Farmer limited complies with the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (DSRs) and Electronic Commerce Regulations (ECRs). 
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