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Gift Box with Honey & Skep Candle


I nifty gift set for family and friends. A jar of honey, a skep shaped candle and a honey dipper.

Not just for Christmas!

1 x 227g (8oz) jar of The Bee Farmer honey. Unpasteurised with minimal sieving.

1 x pure beeswax candle. They smell great and last 5 hours. They burn clean, bright and purify the air.

1 x honey dipper.

At The Bee Farmer we put a lot of thought into the whole product and packaging life cycle. Our packing is wood wool which is a by-product of sustainable woodland management in Shropshire. After opening your parcel, wood wool could be used as small animal bedding, composted or left out for birds to use as nesting material

The boxes in are made in Coventry from recycled cardboard and wood from FCS certified sources. After opening the parcel the box could be used for all manner of storage options, draw on the side of the parcel to make buildings for child's play or just pop in the recycling.

The jars are made in The North East of England. They can be recycled, reused or repurposed after cleaning. What would a man cave or shed be without the jar of anomalous screws ?


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