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Pad Balm


I developed this product from the wishes of a UK Husky owner. The balm contains beeswax from my hives, Organic certified Rapeseed Oil and Shea Butter.

The beeswax creates a barriers against road salts. The Rapeseed olive oil and Shea butter penetrates the pads to prevent them splitting whether it be from drying out living in our centrally heated homes, hot pavements. The Husky racers quite like it as a temporary cover to keep the dirt out if the dogs get a cut on the trail.

Where Husky and Malamutes live and race there is deep snow. This balm sticks to the hair around the pad and helps prevent balling.

A numbers of dogs owners have tested to balm, report good results and as hoped the lack of scent means the dogs do not try to lick it off.

The tins have screw caps so you can open the tin with gloves on. The 30ml tins slip neatly into trouser pockets to keep it warm on cold trails for ease of application.


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